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Small black purse

After finishing the photobook last Sunday it was a huge relief to get back to crocheting! My lovely Dad has asked me to crochet him a small black purse of a similar shape and size to one he used to have. Initially I started crocheting rows of double crochet but I unravelled my attempt (twice) before deciding to crochet a small granny square using the same pattern as in previous blog posts.

It's difficult to see as the yarn is black, but the photo above shows two squares that have been joined together at two edges, and the top square I folded so you could see the back, but it's not so easy to see! Just above it is the flap that will go over the front side.

I've attached the flap to the top of one side of the purse. I'm now crocheting a strip to go across left to right for the flap to go under. I will add a dark blue cotton lining to it, most likely tomorrow.

The finished product will be pictured and posted in next week's post. In the meantime, here are some of the snowflakes I blocked this week:

Until next Sunday, thank you so much for reading! Please share with anyone you think will enjoy this post.

Love Lingling xx

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