An original piece of artwork to place in your home or give as a gift. The blue filet mesh took approx 21 hours over several days to crochet, using traditional mercerised crochet thread. The snowflake was crocheted from a thicker, gold decorative thread. White beads were sewn on by hand to add a little detail between the snowflake and the frame.


The light pink frame has been shop-bought and measures 24 x 19cm. There is a glass pane protecting the work and a thick cardboard backing with hooks to hang the item on the wall and a stand to support it on a desk. In total the item weighs 445g. 


Entirely made and assembled by hand by me.


The price includes UK taxes and postage and packaging. International shipping is available - email me on with your region/country and I'll get back to you with a quote. International delivery fees will have to be paid for by the customer.


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All of the crochet artwork I make will continue to be one-offs. This is mainly due to Coats Mercer 20 crochet thread no longer manufactured in the UK so once I've run out of a colour, it's gone, and will be replaced by a different shade or colour and brand. Any Coats Mercer 20 thread available online is most likely to have been in hiding for a very long time. It resurfaces now and again with plenty of keen crocheters keeping an eye on ebay and the like!

framed gold snowflake on blue filet mesh

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