A medium-sized selection of products from suppliers, with the exception of the postcards which contain images photographed by me.


Here we have:


  • 1 pack of hairgrips                                           (as pictured)
  • 2 postcards of your choice                              (choice of 4 images)
  • 3 spiral cord hairbands of your choice             (choice of 4 colours)
  • 4 fineliner pens of your choice                         (choice of 12 colours)


The options available are in a separate photograph above. Once you have placed your order, please email me your preferred choices; duplicates are allowed (for example, if you would like 2 pens of the same colour), stock permitting.


admin@liulinglinguk.com OR

complete the form in the 'contact' section of this website.


The price also includes UK p&p. The borders and frames used in the picture are not part of the bundle. 

mini treats: medium bundle

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