Bring a small yet luxurious rose into your everyday life. These beautiful roseheads have been made from 100% pure silk, some plain and some with a touch of pink or red. They are soft, shiny and smooth and entirely made by hand.


The back of each rose contains a 2.5mm pin that has been stitched using cotton crochet thread, which is thicker (and therefore sturdier) than standard thread. The loose ends of the rose have been tied into a knot, and in some cases, temporarily fastened by a small patch of double-sided tape which has since had the backing removed. The knot and brooch pin are both secure and should you find they're not, please do let me know.


Each rose takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete.


The colours currently available are:

- Cream (plain)

- Cream with pink

- Cream with red

- Silver (plain)

- Silver with pink


The brooches have a diameter of between 4 and 5 cm and weigh 4-5g.  Each brooch will come in a small gift bag (pictured) and a small handwritten insert stating the materials used. It would make a perfect gift for Mothers Day, Valentines Day, a birthday, religious celebrations or to say 'thank you' to a loved one, friend, teacher or colleague. Who wouldn't like to receive a flower that's permanently in bloom?


How to order


This page is for purchasing two (2) roses only. If you'd like to purchase 1 rose (£7.50)  or 3 roses (£18.00) please go to the product pages for these brooches.


- Add the product to your cart, selecting QTY:1

- Email: stating which colour roses you'd like. You can have 2 of the same or different colours.




Be imaginative! The brooch pin on the back means it can be pinned anywhere: on a top, blouse, jacket, dress, a fabric headband or hairband, on a hat, purse, handbag or scarf, even attached with blu-tak to a shelf, PC, desk or fridge.




Silk is a natural material and can become discoloured over time due to the weather and strong lights. It must be handwashed in cold-lukewarm water with silk-friendly detergent as infrequently as possible so as not to interfere with its delicate structure. If you use your brooch for outdoor wear I'd recommend unpinning it when not in use and keeping it in a safe place away from the elements and strong light.  


With thanks


The pattern I used is from - from the 'crochet flower bouquet'. I'd recommend their website for any crochet fan as they have a wealth of beautiful patterns for flowers, butterflies, leaves and openwork.  


Further Info


The price includes tax and UK p&p. International shipping is available but this cost will have to be covered by the customer. Please email me with your region or country and I will get back to you with the price.

silk rose brooch (x2)