Here's a cute coin purse to add to your handbag or pocket. It's been crocheted and sewn by hand with snap-button closures. 4-ply mercerised cotton has been used for this purse meaning it not only feels soft to the touch but also has a slight sheen. It was crocheted with the same 3.25mm sized hook as the larger purses and would be an especially popular gift for young children. (Ages 4+. Small buttons present a choking hazard)


The tiny purse takes around 5 hours to make.


Measurements: 8cm x 5cm

Weight: 9g

Care: machine washable upto 40°


The frame and borders are not included with this item.


The price includes UK taxes and postage and packaging. International shipping is available - email me on with your region/country and I'll get back to you with a quote. International delivery fees will have to be paid for by the customer.


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Further information


If you'd like to watch a video on how I make purses:

- click on the YouTube icon on the homepage which will take you directly to it OR

- click on the blog tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the 5th April 2020 entry titled 'How I make purses'.


None of the purses on this website will ever be identical as, at the very least, the measurements of each purse will vary. Other variations include:

- the yarn material

- the weight/thickness of the yarn

- the colour and/or brand of yarn

- the colour and/or number of beads

- the colours and/or pattern of the lining

- single of double layer of lining

- purse fastening (buttons, zip or magnetic clasps)

tiny mustard crocheted purse

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