Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Liu LingLing? Is it a person or a company?

In short - both. Liu LingLing is me, the person who created this website and who is writing this answer. I've decided to bite the bullet and try to sell some of my handmade items - so far purses, postcards and crochet artwork. I am a sole trader, no employees or business partners, just me, myself and I.

Why should I buy your products?

Don't do anything you're unsure of! I like to think that my products are well-made, bright and original. As the purses are handmade and I use good quality materials, you can be sure that love, care and time has gone into making each one. The framed artwork allows me to crochet using my favourite fine thread and tiny hooks. I love crocheting snowflakes too (Caitlin Sainio - thank you so much for your excellent books!). The framed combination of filet mesh with a motif stitched on make for a beautiful addition to any home or workspace.

With the purses and the artwork, no two will ever be identical, meaning you'll own a unique product. They make excellent gifts and can be given to mulitiple friends and family members without them ever having the exact same item.

Is this your full-time job?

No, I work part-time as a private English tutor, with British students up to the age of 16 and adults who have English as an additional language. I like being my own boss and so I'd be quite happy to continue tutoring and selling products. 

How long does it take to make your products?

For the purses, anything from 10 - 20 hours usually over several days. For the artwork, between 21-30 hours also over several days. I often work with several projects on the go. There is further info on the time it takes to make individual items on the product pages.

Did you take the photos used as backgrounds?
Why don't the mini treats bundles include your crochet work?

Perhaps in the future they will. For some years I've wanted to sell cute and fun 'everyday' items and as I like pens and hair accessories I thought they'd be good products to test the water. If I had a physical shop I'd also sell all the different kinds of Fanta - that's another dream of mine :-)

Postcards are a bit outdated, aren't they?

Perhaps the idea of sending someone a postcard from your holiday abroad is (although I've been overjoyed in recent years when I've received one or two), but the idea of giving someone a card or personalised note isn't. For me, I like sticking pictures, photos, flyers, postcards - anything that carries a memory or brightens up my space - up on the wall, on kitchen cupboards, inside my diaries, on the back of any tablets or laptops. If you have a desk in your workplace, or study, why not cheer up your working environment a little more?

Some of your prices seem a little high...

I have tried to be as fair as possible with the prices for each product. The pricing not only includes the cost of materials and labour, but also taxes and postage and packaging within the UK.  

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I do, please email me the country you live in and which item you're interested in and I can give you a quote (in British Pounds) that includes international delivery fee costs. Payments taken via Paypal.

I have more questions...

Great! I'd love to hear from you. Treat this as you would a physical shop or market stall, I am the sales assistant, manager, buyer and artisan all-in-one so any questions are welcome; I would be glad to help. Email or use the form in the 'contact' section above.

Yes, all photos on this website were taken by me.

The environment

In a bid to keep costs down, along with thinking about the environment, the packaging of items is basic. Often your product will be wrapped with what I have around the house - most likely magazines or newspaper 
wrapped around it. At times I may use plastic pockets, bubble wrap (please let me know if you'd prefer absolutely no plastic packaging) or jiffy bags from parcels I 
receive, but rest assured that your order will be packaged sturdily and tidily, just a little unconventionally.

Returns & Refunds 

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days from the order date to send the item(s) back to me andrequest a refund, which will be issued provided no damage has been done to the product. Sending the items back to me will be at your own cost. 

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