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Thank you for dropping by, it's great to see you. I'm Lingling, from London, England but now based in Newport, Wales. Crocheting and crafting are two of my passions in life and in 2020 I decided to set up this small business making and selling crochet purses, artwork and flowers. I love to crochet with good quality materials and warm colour combinations and I love seeing and sharing craft ideas and projects with others - including you, so do say 'hello' !


I'm here to help you find something you'd like and I'd love to hear from you, 

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Customer Reviews
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Crochet snowflake with six points and lace edging


UntitledPost (1).jpg

Get ready for the winter and Christmas season with these beautiful snowflakes. All have been designed by Caitlin Sainio and make wonderful decorations and small gifts. They are also budget friendly, so check them out!

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