Filet mesh background using fine crochet thread. Snowflake crocheted separately and sewn onto mesh, along with a few beads

Framed crochet artwork
by Liu LingLing

Flamingo and sparkly pink and white hairgrips. An exotic postcard, colourful pens and stretchy spiral cord hairbands

Mini treats bundles

Handmade, crocheted purses. 3 different designs and sizes, impeccable handiwork and quality materials

Handmade purses
by Liu LingLing


Hello and welcome to my online shop! 
大家好, 欢迎来到我的网店, 我是刘玲玲.

Thank you for visiting! My name is 

Liu LingLing and I'm from London, UK.

I make crochet flowers, artwork and purses, and provide other cute items from suppliers. I love to crochet, especially filet mesh, with good quality materials and warm colour combinations. 


I am here to help and I'd love to hear

from you: 


This is a brand new project for me - I'll be adding more products as I complete them, along with fun and useful items that I hope brighten up your day, even if only in a small way.

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Silk rose brooches

by Liu LingLing

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