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I've moved house 🏡😊 and there are boxes and items everywhere. The house is habitable but it needs updating (carpets, walls) which will take quite a bit of time but I'm looking forward to it! Lord knows it at least gives us something to do / think about other than lockdown itself. Restrictions have eased, but I don't fancy queuing up round the block just to have a browse round a shop.

The real excitement for me lies in all of my stuff being in the same place rather than hidden away and forgotten about. I've rediscovered these beauties (I think there is another one too somewhere)

There are 3 items here, left: purple and red, from Malaysia, middle pink from Thailand and red on the right from Indonesia.

The Malaysian and Thai pieces are sarongs, and are tubular fabrics that can be tied and worn as a long skirt. The Indonesian item is the fabric worn by the inhabitants of Tana Toraja (famous for its funerals), South Sulawesi. This is usually tied in a certain way to make a skirt, and it may possibly be worn by locals for funerals - I can't remember, but there was a lot of it for sale when I visited and I loved the colour and pattern.

So what are you thinking? Scary table clothes or curtains? I was thinking the fabric may make nice cushions, maybe a facemask or two. Ideas welcome!

See you next Sunday,


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