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What haven't I been making this week? I've lost track slightly of what made it into my IG and what was covered in last week's post, but here goes, and apologies if you've seen it all already.

I like this tote bag a lot, but there are still errors (don't look too closely!) and my machine sewing still needs a lot of practice, as do my measuring & cutting abilities.

Below is a brief video of a cosmetics bag I was in the process of making, and below that is the finished product - very pleased with it!

Ta-dah! I also quite like the colour scheme. Much of what I use is down to how much of a particular fabric I have, as opposed to being 2 colours that necessarily go well together. The tote bag above, for example, required an awful lot of fabric, and so the colour and pattern scheme of the pink and red fabrics I used wouldn't have been my first choice, but there's something about it that I've ended up liking.

The final finished project of the week was this tote bag, which I thought would be much bigger than it was:

Difficult to take good photos of these when they're not in use, but this one also has a zip attached and outside pockets. The 3 projects have all been lined and with the latter 2 also having interfacing, which helps stiffen the fabric, giving it extra shape.

Here is the small tote bag in the process. The pattern and instructions were not easy to follow and they came from a company called "Simplicity"! I mis-cut the final patch with the zip and had to unpick and re-stitch it, resulting in a much better finish but lacking the perfection I guess only comes with practice.

Finally, I've bought a book about patchwork & quilted bags. I've started making one of the projects called "fan purse" (by Susan Briscoe, 2007) and this has introduced me to the delights (difficulties) of foundation paper piecing... My goodness, again, deciphering the instructions were really difficult! Total brainache, as you work back to front, but I could rarely tell what side I was on. After some hours, I came up with the first half of the fan, and this morning I completed the second half of the fan:

The next stage involves double bias binding so the edge will have a border around it, hiding the current raw edges. Then I gotta wait for wadding I ordered to arrive before beginning the quilting stage.

Onwards and upwards!

Thank you very much for your time,


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