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always a work in progress

Enjoying the freezing cold weather? I started knitting a scarf the other night as boredom has really hit me this last week and I couldn't move forward with any of my crochet WIPs (Work(s) In Progress) at that point. It's anyone's guess whether I will actually finish the scarf - I might end up turning it into a cowl.

It's not quite finished, but it's pretty much done:

I need to:

- sew down the flowers

- sew in the stray brown threads on the left

- sew down / affix the gold strands so that they're as straight as possible

- maybe add more gold strands around the perimeter to create a border

I also have between 10 and 15 purses in progress (the crochet outers have been done) and the zips have finally arrived! You may also remember that I started another canvas based on a picture of leaves and pink & purple flowers and had to stop work as I was running out of green thread. Well, the green silks have also arrived! They are extremely pretty and can be seen below:

Lots of fun things in this photo! The different shades of green silk (from ) the blue YKK zips (from ) the tri-colour sparkly thread from Lidl was a gift from my lovely mum (thanks mum!) and a Christmas card from Germany (hello Sandra!) posted more than a month ago! I can't wait to get stuck in...

Here's hoping this week I'll finish several projects rather start too many more 🥰

Thank you for your valuable time, hope to see you next Sunday.


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