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The quest in making the perfect long stem rose continues, mainly through trial and error, which is fine as I enjoy it all. I ordered some wires recently to use inside the rose petals, a bit thicker than the wire I have been using. These wires are beautifully shiny and colourful, and it wasn't long before I looked up how to put beads onto them and twist them into looking like mini flowers and tree branches. The result is that I thought they'd make a pretty accompaniment to the long stem roses, for decoration or maybe in lieu of a leaf or two.

Admittedly I'm extremely happy with the result! I think they're very pretty and the blue beads in particular go with the white rose. I bought the vases in a charity shop. One of them is tall and a dark purple, so I made 2 white roses with purple beads attached to the wire. I'm also quite happy with this result (below) although it does need some minor tweaks to tidy it up a bit.

The last few days have seen a new obsession take over, twisting the beads on wires! As I have so many different coloured beads and wires it's a lot of fun trying out various colour combinations. For some reason, everything has turned out looking rather east Asian! Which is fine, of course haha! Here are a few pics on the beads and twisted wires:

The Wix app (which I'm using to write this) isn't working very well tonight, so there may be an empty space where a photo is meant to be, but this is my 3rd attempt and I want to publish the post tonight. I apologise if the images don't display properly.

Thank you so much for reading, please share this post with anyone you know who may be interested in craft, creativity or crochet!

Love Lingling xx

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