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Still awaiting the zips and green silk threads (I really don't know what's taking so long - I know Coronavirus delays things but 2nd class post in the UK shouldn't take 2-3 weeks, should it?) but the gold and silver metallic threads have arrived!

Aren't they beautiful?! I love these threads, and they are so nice to work with, with a sparkly, light and breezy effect. The plan was to crochet a filet mesh as a background for a canvas I got for Christmas, but the other night I realised the mesh I had in mind just wasn't quite possible. In the end I made a grid for the background as plain white is just too stark; it needed something to "soften it". The grid consists of loops crocheted with a large hook so they are not too tight nor rigid - thin thread with a large hook creates holes, and I didn't want the background to be too bulky.

The photo on the right - this is kind of what I had in mind but looking at it, I wasn't sure about any of it! The colour combo, the background, the composition. I consulted the one and only AJL who gave me some great pointers, as did the wonderful G. Ullman via Instagram. I have made some small green leaves (which I need to adjust) and then got back in to the branch idea with some glistening brown thread.

The below result is where I'm up to so far - the flowers aren't stuck down and the gold grid is quite easy to peel off at the moment - so if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make the canvas look prettier, more eye-catching, more "wow", please let me know!

I have more flowers (plenty!) and branches to stitch on. Depending on if I can get the green leaves just right I may add them to some branches or flowers. I'll see. What do you think? Help welcome!

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