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Cardiff Christmas Market, Days 1 & 2

So much has happened in the last 2 days, with many stories to tell that I thought I'd write a blog post now rather than wait til Sunday.

Highlights of Day 1

My first customer of the day was Mr K Yeo - he is a very old friend of my Dad's and they have kept in contact for decades by writing each other letters! Funny thing is, they haven't actually seen each other face to face for years and years, and I remember my dad saying eons ago that he may not even recognise K Yeo if he were to bump into him! My dad had told K that I would be selling purses at the market and that was how he spotted me, by the purses ☺️ I know my Dad will be super chuffed that we met and had a chat, and K was kind enough to buy a few snowflakes God bless him.

My last customers of the day were two young ladies who were simply lovely. They liked the snowflakes and asked if they could be used as keyrings, and then bought one each and took a photo of them attached to their keys. I asked if I could take a photo of that, as it was fab to see the snowflakes in use:

Just before closing time, they came back with a beautiful gift for me! A single white rose 🌹 they were quite giggly and reminded me of girls I met in Indonesia, all smiles and excitement. Below is me with the rose, I don't post photos of myself and I was rather tired and oily-faced by this point, but the rose was such a special gesture I wanted to capture it:

The rose has kept me company today (yesterday my boyfriend wasn't at work so he came along to help me set up and stayed with me at the stall which was great) and I hope it lasts until Sunday.

Day 2 Highlights

I was by myself today and slightly worried that I'd get bored without my bf or that time would drag. However - this turned out not to be a problem! The weather was much better today, it was sunny in the morning and dry all day. This resulted in greater footfall (I believe) and therefore more interactions with passers by. Yesterday I met two other stall holders whose products I'd strongly recommend, on Insta, Sophie (earrings) is and Meg (prints her artwork) @littlelunacouk and it was good to see them (and Meg's lovely mum!) and to have people to say hi too.

The last visitor of the day was a returning customer from yesterday 😊 she bought a tiny purse yesterday and came by to look at the others as she loves the colours! We had a chat about all sorts of things, where we grew up, what we do for work (she's a photographer and we spoke about the postcards I'm selling as she noticed the leaves on the palm tree postcard and how feathery they look), my parents, the difference in cotton yarns. She said she'd drop by again tomorrow, I hope so, regardless of whether someone buys something I enjoy saying hello and having these human exchanges.

Last photo of the day: I tinkered with the display of the rose brooches which proved to be a good move, here it was at the beginning of the day:

Thank you so much for reading, thank you to all the people who will never read this but who have brightened up my last two days, be it saying hello, having a chat or buying from me. Here's to the remaining 4 days at Cardiff Christmas Market!

Until Sunday,


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