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challenging silk

Silk can be quite challenging to work with. It's so beautiful when it goes right but I may have been slightly optimistic in my efforts this week. The silk thread I have (pictured I think 2- 3 blog posts ago) is extremely fine, so to "thicken' it up a bit I've been cutting 3 lengths of the same thread. This is still very fine and difficult to work with.

I like red branches, and white was the best colour for the flowers I could think of - red and white is a good combination imo. You can tell from the flowers above which one is made from cotton! The others are all silk, crocheted with the smallest crochet hook I think exists, a 0.60mm. Even with that the hook often caught onto one of the strands and as the stitches are so tiny I miscalculated several times - some only had 4 petals and with most I couldn't tell where the space was for me to crochet into. It took ages to do each of these (and more brain power and eyesight than usual!) as even preparing the three strands of thread takes several minutes. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with the branch and flowers above, I might make another drawstring bag (with my sewing machine!) and sew these on to it.

The crochet flower continues to grow; they're the only crafty bits I've work on this week.

Yeah... there are a lot of ends to weave in!

Until next week,


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