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In 2014 the craft journey started, to give me something to do as I spent time travelling and staying in people's houses, inspired initially by my cousin's daughter who was 9 at the time. When I arrived at their house she opened a tin of embroidery threads and said she'd make me a bracelet if I picked 3 colours. She plaited it, and that friendship bracelet stayed on my wrist for years (without me taking it off) before it eventually frayed.

A few months later I was staying with an Aunty in Brisbane and Westfield shopping centre was within walking distance. I bought a book (for kids, of course!) on how to make friendship bracelets which came with threads and a few days later I went back to the same shop for a browse and saw a book on knitting. My grandmother taught me and my sister to knit when we were younger (just knit stitch for me) and so I bought some knitting needles and cheap yarn and started knitting.

Crochet came I think about a year or two later, and between the three of these skills I don't tend to get bored as I can alternate. I haven't made friendship bracelets for a long time, but I needed a change from crochet and so the last couple of weeks have been filled with the age-old chevron bracelets which I can't get enough of!

They're now for sale, £3.00 each including UK p&p. I don't expect to get rich, but if you'd like one, there's a link to the product page on the homepage, along with more pictures and other uses for them.

Muchas gracias for reading, until next Sunday evening,


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