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Crochet flowers

I've found a new obsession..

I feel like I could keep crocheting these forever! It takes about 15-20 minutes to crochet each one. I started off trying to follow a pattern and colour scheme for Japanese cherry blossom, but it didn't turn out nicely, and the pattern I've taken to (used in all of the flowers above) is from the book A Little Course in Crochet (published by DK), which was the first book I bought about crochet (and still the amongst the best crochet guides I've seen).

So what's the plan for these? Good question. Last night I was looking up stretched canvases and whether or not it's possible to embroider straight onto them. I think it may be, but there are also ways of embroidering onto a material and then stretching that material over the canvas. I think these may look nice as a picture to hang up - if I can arrange them well and stitch them onto the "right" material. I've been saving beautiful images of cherry blossom trees so I might see if I can try and emulate one of them.

Making a small sling bag has been on the to-do list for several months, but I haven't found a pattern that matches what I have in mind. I've seen patterns for "granny square" bags, one was quite pretty as it just had one solid colour (which I think works fine in granny squares sometimes!) but I've decided to try and make my own without following a pattern. I know the shape I want it to be -- rectangular, not to big, not square, and on that basis it shouldn't be too hard. I want to add straps (not too long, not too short, not too stretchy) which in theory is also not difficult - I just haven't done it before and don't really know how it'll turn out. Here it is so far (started last night):

I think it may be time to buy a sewing machine! I just can't put it off any longer...

Thanks so much for reading, until next Sunday,


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