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Crochet leaves

Red is probably my ultimate favourite colour (if I had to pick one!) and I like the idea of leaves. I've been adding small branches of leaves to my latest purses, which spurred me on to thinking of crocheting a larger leaf branch motif; maybe for purses or artwork, maybe both. Last night I started experimenting with longer foundation chains to create longer branches. I'm quite pleased with the result (above) and it's also very simple to do!

Below is a picture of different kinds of leaves and branches. The patterns are from and Caitlin Sainio's book "Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet" (highly recommend both sources, even if just for the pictures!) You may recognise one of the leaf trims from a previous blog post where I crocheted it using a bright yellow thread. Which is your favourite? Members, don't stay silent! Non members, join and comment! You won't be bombarded with emails or notifications, but you can comment and tell me what you think!

My favourite is probably 2, followed very closely by 4. And 6! How about you?

Finally, it's been a scorcher of a week and I went to the seaside (again) and, of course, took my crochet along with me. I love this colour a lot but I'm pleased to say that I haven't turned into this shade of pink despite the sun's best efforts 😎 #stayingcool haha 🤪

That's all from me for now, see you next Sunday 5.30pm, thank you so much for reading 💐


PS. I'm always keen to expand this tiny community - do share this blog post with anyone who might like the photos... Or crochet!

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Aug 03, 2020

I've received the comment! Thank you Jo 💝💐 yes, hoping that the collar/trimmings will be a project in the not too distant future.


Jo Noonan
Jo Noonan
Aug 02, 2020

I can't seem to comment on today's post, but my fave leaves are 2, 3, 4 and 6. I loved your recent idea of making a collar too!

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