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crochet rose addict

I can't stop making these! They take about 1.5 hours all in all, and it's really quite satisfying to start and finish something in such a short time, especially when they turn out so pretty!

The silk thread I ordered online arrived:

Beautiful colours, eh? My initial idea was to use these to crochet more roses and have lots in other colours. However, this is extremely fine thread and even with the smallest crochet hook I have (0.65mm - I don't know if I've seen any smaller than this) the effect was not so nice - the stitches were too open, the rose too frail to do anything with. So, I decided to see how they would turn out combined with the cream and silver silk (of a thicker weight) I'd already been using. The results are in the first pic above - I like them a lot, how about you? Any particular favourites?

I'm ecstatic at how many of you have signed up as members and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. Will you be disappointed if your small welcome gift is something other than a rose? As I have a lot of colouring pens and pencils that I could probably spare... 🤗🤓😉

Thank you for reading, please do contact me if you have any questions and/or suggestions, I am here to help.

Until next week, Ling

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