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Definite highlight of the week is two friends (and members of this website!) asking me to crochet an item for them. Remember, if you're a member and there's anything you'd like me to make for you, please do ask. The below purses are zip purses (lined) and I have about 13 of them that are nearly complete and hopefully will be added this week. I've been struggling with lockdown concentration and boredom massively in this last week or so, but finger crossed I'll be able to finish ALL of these zip purses pronto.

The friendship bracelets keep coming too, I don't think I've ever made so many (about 35) in a relatively short period before. They've been helping me a lot during lockdown as they require little concentration and no materials other than embroidery thread and my hands. If I end up making even more and then try to sell them at a physical market in one go I wouldn't mind at all. Like the rest of the country I'm anxious to see the end of this lockdown and try and regain something to look forward to.

How are you coping with this lockdown? Ok, I hope, and tips or advice welcome so do leave a comment below.

Until next Sunday,


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