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Exciting news!

Yes, really! My application to Cardiff Christmas Market has been accepted! I will have a wooden hut there for 6 days, from Tuesday 16th - Sunday 21st November. I am very excited!

Now the work begins I guess, as although I have stock I need to make a lot more. I've been crocheting a rose today with silk I ordered recently, it's a different shade from the others but still as beautiful to work with. It seems slightly thinner than the silk I've made all previous roses from, not soo sure why as it's the thickest thread count there is (I believe), 72 denier. As a result, it seems to give a tighter row of stitching, but it looks good to me so far.

I plan to sell purses, roses, postcards and artwork and have many works in progress so it hopefully won't take me too long to finish the projects that I've already started.

Please do come and see the liulinglinguk stall at the above dates if Cardiff isn't beyond the realm of possibility, or if you have any friends and family near Cardiff, tell them about the market! It'll be running from 11th Nov - 23rd Dec.

Thank you so much for reading, share this post if you think somebody else will enjoy it.

Lingling xx

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