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I received an email from Hobbycraft which detailed their DIY face covering kit by Trimit, do-able by hand or machine and complete with instructions. I ordered a pack, and was pleasantly surprised by what was included. Not only were there the 3 patterned squares of fabric, but also a lining for each, a plastic covered wire nose strip, threads, needles, and a pencil. I got to work on it straight away and it really was quick and easy to do even by hand! Not the best stitching, but I was too eager to be too neat.

The instructions are gold dust. I've started making one using the material I already have and sewing on the flowers you saw in last week's post. I'm not sure how it'll look once on as the folds in the mask complicate things slightly, but as it's only for me I guess it doesn't matter.

If I'm able to get the hang of it maybe they'll become another product I can make and sell but maybe I'm too late to catch on to the trend.

Remember this?

Well, it's done!

I've taken it out of the hoop but it's just folded neatly on my pile of stuff. If I get round to buying a small canvas then I'll have a go at stretching it as per YouTube tutorials. It was so enjoyable sewing this. Really very relaxing and I like these beads a lot. I'd recommend it to anyone! Any material and any old thread will do, the rhythm is what's comforting, you don't even have to follow a design, just stitch away 😎

Thank you so much for reading


PS. I will be on Instagram Live this Thursday 8th October 2020! The effervescent MC Driweave will be chatting with me as part of her Everyday People series, via her Insta account @driweavetv

The time is tbc but I reckon it'll be around 7 or 8pm. We'll be talking crochet, website, Samaritans, lockdown and life in 2020.

I have no clue how it all works in terms of if it's recorded and how the recording can be viewed after the livestream has ended, but I'll ask and hopefully there'll be a way I can share at least some of it with you!

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