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I don't know why I'm so scared of this website of mine, but logging into it after a good year or so (!) has been something I've been putting off for months now.

Well, here I am and I'm pleased that things are not in the total mess I thought they would be, but everything needs updating. I've been going through the silk rose brooches; I've crocheted a lot more since the last time I added them here, and dug out some others that were in hiding. So for those of you that have loyally followed this blog and the IG account, you're about to see more of the same 😅😬🤩

The plan is to also update Etsy. I feel I must owe them a couple of quid for the 1 item that's still listed there. Why am I doing this all now? Quite simply, I currently have the motivation and do not have the physical space in my home to keep a growing collection of items I make 🏡😣

Here's hoping! 🤞🏻

See you soon, Lingling xx

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