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Filet crochet

It's really not easy to get filet crochet just the right size for the frame it's intended to go into... Trial and error is a lengthy process to go through with filet crochet, especially when done with thread and a small hook! There is, I'm sure, a mathematical approach that could be applied when creating the foundation chain, and I may be able to figure it out now I have blocking boards with helpful gridlines on it! This week, I've rediscovered my love for traditional crochet thread, but a shame that both of the below are useless for the artwork I had in mind. Not entirely sure what to do with them...

The extremely eagle-eyed among you may spot where I went wrong in the red mesh.. Something I didn't notice until blocking. Losing a square really messes up the entire thing!

I have decided to do a couple more canvas artworks. I did some earlier in the year before moving, but this time I decided to use watercolour for the background. I'm not a paint-user at all, but filet mesh is time-consuming, and I just didn't want the canvas to be the stark white colour it is when bought. What do you think? They utilise the crochet branches and flowers you've seen before.

Quite cute, I'm pleased with it, I realise the blue may be a bit patchy for some people's tastes but it wasn't meant to be even (honestly).

I do need to work on the background for this one though. It's too uneven for me! I chose a grey/black background because I thought it went better with the yellow and oranges hues of the flowers. Besides, the sky is often this colour. These flowers haven't been stitched down yet, I think I'll work a bit more on the paint first.

What would this blog post be without my work from the beginning of this week? I need to stitch them all up though! And possibly buy some more brooch backs...

I really am grateful for your time in reading/skimming this, thank you ☺️ please share this post if you think someone else will enjoy it.

Hasta la prossima volta,

Lingling xx

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