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I have finished the scarf, I have finished a project ☺️ I have so many wips that I'm pleased I managed to stick with this one and finish it.

I sewed up the two ends so it's a snood, I guess? The seam where I joined the ends is sadly quite noticeable, despite my best efforts. I want to rectify this for my next one, maybe by casting off more loosely? I don't know, ideas welcome. I used mattress stitch to sew the ends up but I don't think I'm too good at that.

The finished snood is soft, light and airy. I bought this yarn from and there will be more of this blend of SW merino, baby alpaca and silk in stock soon, in different colours. I loved knitting this so much I want to make more!

I have started knitting another one (just last night). The yarn weight and colour is the same, but this time I'm using thinner needles, 3.25mm rather than 4mm, still cast on with 101 stitches and using moss stitch which again looks nothing like the photos and YouTube videos! Wish me luck 😛

Thank you so much for reading, Lingling

PS. Despite chasing, I haven't heard back from the craft market near me re having a stall over the coming months...

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