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Finishing WIPs

Wips = work in progress. And in the last few days I'm happy to say I've finished several!

I want to show you the small black purse mentioned last week, for my dad.

It consists of 2 granny squares sewn together, with a flap crocheted separately and attached using a double crochet stitch. The strap across the front was meant to be sufficient for keeping the purse closed, however, in the end I added a magnet which is hidden by the strap, so it did have a use after all! The purse is lined with dark blue cotton fabric.

The other work I've finished are 3 tiny purses which I crocheted ages ago but have now finally sewn up and sewn buttons onto. Lastly another framed snowflake artwork... You may be wondering where the pictures are, but I'm keeping them as a surprise for the upcoming Xmas stall! I have no clue why I'm keeping them as a surprise haha, I'm pretty sure no-one reading this (except 2) will even be at the stall, but I gotta get my fun somehow😃🤭

Until next Sunday,

Lingling xx

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Hey! I wish I could come, but unfortunately I'm not able to. Have fun there 😀🤗

Nov 01, 2021
Replying to

I will take lots of pics 💜

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