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I had the idea of putting all the flowers I've made onto the table, in the hope of taking a photo from high-up (ish) which would make them look super impressive. I thought it'd take me about 30 mins max, with the final photo being added here in this blog post. Wrong, wrong and wrong! As soon as I started putting the flowers down neatly, I was reminded of all the ends of yarn that I hadn't weaved in or cut. Photo won't look as impressive with all these ends still there, so I started weaving them in. 4-5 hours later (I'm not joking!) and with fading daylight, I still had some flowers left to finish the ends of, so I took a photo as they were before the sun set.

After I took this photo, which was not long after 4pm, I finished the remaining 12 or so flowers (the silk ones!) and the "poppy" in the bottom right corner which had a renegade tail I'd somehow missed. The photo below contains all the flowers I've made since I started crocheting these flowers (my word... probably nearly 2 months ago) that I'm happy with. There were only a few that I had to abandon either because the yarn ran out or they were first attempts that were out of shape or not quite right. Sadly the photo below was taken with artificial light only. No flash though, even though the white flowers do look rather washed out. I also took it from a different angle, so the flowers in the pic above are not in the same position in the pic below.

How many flowers do you think there are here? I haven't counted them yet! I counted earlier when I thought there were about 20 on the table, and it turned out there were 40 haha. The eagle-eyed among you may spot 2 flowers that have 4 petals instead of 5 🙃 but I thought they looked even enough to be kept in 🤫

Please let me know which colour combinations are your favourites! Or if there are any colour combinations you'd like to see...

I started making this purse the other day:

(do you like the flowers in the background haha). The purse pattern is by Anna Nikipirowicz and I have started this pattern several times over the years but I've never finished it. Perhaps I will this time round, it's simple enough but I'm already unsure if I like it...

Time to tidy up the crochet yarns 🤓

Hope it's been a good week for you, please do drop me a line to say 'hi'. Until next week,

Lingling xx

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