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Just one cornetto...

Here I am in Sicilia, and this is a place where crochet (or uncinetto) is still alive thanks to all the grandmothers who passed their skills onto their children and grandchildren. I think it's quite common for crochet doilies and tablecloths to be all over the houses of women over a certain age! Think traditional filet (fine/lace/thread) crochet with the patterns of flowers etched into them and elaborate borders, and the doilies you would see used as mats for vases or a decorative bowl:

I was too scared to bring along my crochet hook in case it got confiscated at airport security. So the other day I went to a 'merceria' - I don't know the exact translation into English (maybe mercerised - my favourite!) but it had absolutely tonnes in there, and even more behind their counter. Fabrics, crochet thread, zips, crochet hooks, sewing machine threads, any kind of trimming you can think of. I bought a hook and started on my other favourite items - roses 😃

Apologies to those of you who have seen this picture on Instagram - I try to mix it up a bit but sometimes a good photo needs no variation. Here's another:

I'm still figuring Pinterest out... Admittedly I haven't done as much work on it as I'd have liked to this last week or so. This is very much a working holiday; I just have too many things to do and too many things I want to do. Tickets were booked pre-Covid. My Pinterest profile is under construction, but it could sure do with some friendly followers, so if you're on Pinterest, or ever use it for ideas/inspiration, I am here:

Finally, here's a pic of me on this holiday looking rather happy 😎 A cloudy but baking hot day.

Thank you so much for reading, until next Sunday,


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