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Knitting noodles

Last week the yarn was salami-esque, now it's vermicelli! I didn't unravel/wind this yarn as I was meant to, so it ended up as a tangled mess which makes it more of a challenge to knit with. This, however, is half the fun for me! I want to get to the end of this yarn without having to cut it. Everytime I finish a row, I weave the needle with all the work on it through the noodle mass and once I have untangled enough for the next row, I continue knitting.

Each row has 101 stitches, and each row takes me 9-10 mins to knit. I'm knitting moss stitch... And trust me when I say my work looks nothing like moss stitch but I really can't figure out where I've gone wrong..

The photo above shows both sides of my work... Neither resemble the moss stitch! I've decided to knit a scarf, I say "decided" but actually rectangles are the only things I can knit hahaha!

It's 23cm long so far, I could be here for a while ☺️

Thanks so much for your valuable time,


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