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MC Driweave in the mix

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

--Update 13/10/2020--

Here's the video of Friday's livestream, give it a whirl :) More details below.

Original post Sun 9/10/2020

My definite highlight of the week both personally and "business"-wise was appearing on MC Driweave's very own series "Everyday People", which she started over the summer. Here she talks with ordinary people about the topics of the day such as lockdown, mental health, the projects people may be working on, and the issues that matter to them.

If you'd like to know more about the charismatic DJ/MC/all round fabulosa Charlotte Driweave, you can find her here: and here: she DJs on Sundays, late afternoon on LoveTheBeatRadio:

If you need further encouragement, here's a relatively flattering (😝) pic of us taken during the livestream:

Driweave very kindly invited me to be on her slot some time ago, so I'm really pleased we finally got round to this. We talked about all sorts - a bit about my hometown and what I did after school, crochet, my time with Samaritans and lots of life chat in between. We ended up speaking for very nearly 1hr 45 mins in total, but I have it on good account that the video of the livestream is about 15 mins less once cutting out bits with technical issues. The video is still uploading onto YouTube (started at before 10pm last night and it's 1pm at time of writing) but I think I will create a new blog post once it's up and running, with the video embedded, and a description of the topics covered and the minute/seconds we get to them. I don't expect anyone to sit through the entire conversation, but it may be nice to have on in the background for 20 minutes or so.

It may be worth mentioning that I have started a temporary office job (working from home - in addition to the online tutoring) so am now working full-time hours. You may, therefore, see little progress with crochet work, but I'm hoping to still churn out the flowers while I decide on a final use for them.

Last week some new silk skeins arrived, they are all hues of yellow and orange, and I can't get enough of them! The silk collection is slowly growing: (actually, maybe not, as the thicker spools have diminished in number - they're now roses!)

The sparkly gold thread isn't silk, btw, it's cotton, but it's also a recent arrival that I love. I think it's made some of the flowers look a bit oriental...which is fine by me :)

Hopefully by the time you read this the video will already be here, or not take too much longer to upload.

Until next Sunday,


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