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Mulberry Silks

I happened across a website some ( months ago selling silk threads and there was a discount on a particular set that I liked so I bought them last week:

Nice, right?! Also the customer service of Patricia Wood who owns/runs this business was very good, personal and efficient. I've been quite inspired by the title of this pack "Chinese Lanterns" and have found an image on Google that I'd like to try and emulate.

Finally finished the canvas work that's taken several weeks! It has certainly been a learning experience, especially in terms of trying to create something that is not too much but still has enough to look at for more than 1 glance.

The finish around the edges is not the greatest, but that's OK for now, it's staying with me.

I received these beautiful assorted threads for Christmas and was looking at them, wondering what to use them for but not really fancying crocheting with them at that moment. So I took a trip down memory lane to where this handcraftiness started and started making friendship bracelets for the first time in several years.

These threads are by Anchor, and I'd forgotten how nice it is to make friendship bracelets with good quality thread.

Let's zoom in:

Hmm, maybe the picture quality isn't as good as I thought it would be!

You may be wondering what has happened to the business and selling side of things on this website. Truth be told I've been finding it difficult to motivate myself, mainly as this lockdown seems to be blurring into one long boredom-tackling exercise. There are also some longer term ideas going on in the background that are taking longer to complete than desirable and anticipated. As a result, I'm struggling to plough through with items I've started, as I'm somewhat in limbo. It's probably not helped by lockdown, as it's harder for me to focus when there's nothing to look forward to, nothing to break the week up, nothing to keep the brain stimulated. These could all be excuses, of course, plenty of other creatives are getting on with their successful businesses, but there we go, this is what I'm like!

You may remember that I previously said I'm in this for the long haul and that remains true! I'm not going anywhere but business and products may be slow while I sort the other life admin out. In an ideal world I'd have a physical market stall, or book a place at a physical market, and work to fill the stand with lots of items for that particular day or weekend. Then see what sells and restock for the next market. With everything online 24/7 there's no deadline to work to, and perhaps I need that pressure.

If you've made it this far, thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to me 💖

Until next Sunday, Lingling

try and emulate. Perhaps in a facemask

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