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Online marketplaces...

...are actually more costly than I thought. I thought my cute items from China would do well on Amazon as I've often brought pens just to get the cost of my order up to qualify for free delivery. Turns out it costs £25 per month to sell with them... I think I'll forego that privilege! Ebay is also not looking promising. I don't know what I was expecting, to be honest, but just something a bit more appealing than $7.95 per month for a starter business account. Whatever that means.

Ever heard of Depop? I have only recently heard of it, from a former student of mine (young and cool) and seems it's way too young and cool for me too. And primarily geared toward vintage or designer clothing that people no longer want. While looking into how Depop works I came across a Reddit forum. Seems communication is all done over the phone app, as I read several tense (screenshot) exchanges between buyers and sellers. One customer (rightly, in my opinion) complained to her seller for sending her top in a Subway plastic bag, complete with crumbs and smell of onions. The seller responded "Whatever, I haven't got the money for fancy packaging, you get what you're given!' I read all the exchanges in my mind as if they were between American high school teenagers. Not my kind of scene...

On my travels though, I did find 'nuMonday'. First I've heard of them, they're billed as a 'new alternative to Etsy', with an emphasis on UK creatives as they are a UK enterprise. I probably will sign up shortly (their fees are very good - how long will that last?) but for now I want to start nurturing my Etsy account as I haven't used it to its full advantage. Yet.

I'm really very happy to have finished 3 purses this week :)

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