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Pictureless but...

... a great opportunity has come my way, all thanks to my friend Ping. Just yesterday she text me asking if I'd be interested in being a stallholder at a Christmas market held at her church - St Helens albeit this year it'll be online. Ping told me that this event is held annually and focusses on handicraft businesses run by women. I'm a late entry - everything should have been submitted but I have a few days to submit the photos/information the organisers need.

I'm most grateful for this opportunity and to Ping for thinking of me! I will of course keep you posted. I think the event is running in the first week of December (not long for me to prepare!!!) but I'm not too sure of the precise dates and times and how you can access the event, but I aim to find this out when I submit the information, either today or tomorrow.

This last week has been unbelievably stressful. I am really glad to be sitting here now typing this compared to this time last week where "Sunday-night-work-tomorrow" blues had already kicked in. There's no guarantee that work will be any less busy this week but I really hope it will be! Stress is not an emotion I have to deal with often at all, and in "normal life" it is something I am very good at avoiding! The office/working from home lifestyle seems to just equal stress (in my opinion) and I don't know how people cope with this year after year until they retire. I've been back in this lifestyle for less than 2 months and I'm already exhausted and overstressed from it!

NB - I've been answering a lot of phone calls where people aren't too happy (as have the others in the team I'm in) and if it's not the phones it's the shared inbox we monitor and respond to! Gah it's all fun and games (and stress).

Disclaimer - not my photo, it's Wix's.

Until next Sunday - or earlier if I get more info on the St Helen's Christmas marketplace online, here's hoping!


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