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I may have many talents, but Pinterest is not one of them. Is this a website/app you use? What do you think of it? In recent years I've come to think of it as a poor man's Instagram - it's all based on pictures, you can re-pin pictures you like, save them, create boards, follow accounts and have accounts follow you. Well, Pinterest, your wealthier, more handsome, and far more popular cousin Instagram has reintroduced me to you.

Cue hours of app and laptop faff, as I desperately try to understand where boards I just updated have disappeared to, why my header looks slightly different from before and where my 3 followers have gone. Yeah, I'd (somehow) created 2 accounts without realising, cue more faff of figuring out what email accounts they were attached to and which one needed to be deactivated!

You may be wondering why I'm bothering with Pinterest if it's that much of a poor relation. Turns out it can be used to help small businesses and attract the kind of clients I'm looking for - disposable income, aged mainly 30+, make spending decisions for their household. It's selling point, for me, is that you can add links to your webpage and, more importantly, the links are clickable. This is one feature Insta doesn't offer - not for non-Facebook users like me, anyhow - whereas with Pinterest, if you like the image, you can click to the website or page. For blog posts, there is a handy link saying 'read it' -- yes, that's what I want! A few more clicks and a few more hits. Every little helps me massively, and makes me happy.

This week I finished 5 purses I've had on the go for quite some time:

I'm quite pleased with them - I took my sister's advice on keeping them simple so there's no design or beads on the front. I'm trying to think of how to make a handbag, nothing fancy, just something on the lines of the purses. I've been looking for a good pattern for some time, and I may have found one, but it involves granny squares - the all-time crochet favourite that I've somehow never done before. Until last night....

Hmmm yeah it's a bit wonky and you can see where I started and finished the rounds but with a bit of practise...

Let me know what crafty projects you're upto, or would like to try, and of course, if there's anything I can help you with.

Until next Sunday, thank you for being here :-)


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