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The inevitable questions re the Christmas stall at Cardiff have been flying around my head with increased intensity as Tuesday 16th nears. I'm really looking forward to it, it'll be something new and it's been ages since I physically had to "go to work" (I've been wfh since March 2020).

I've been covering noticeboards and plates/bowls with tissue paper, as I think this will be a clean, uniform and presentable way to display the following products: purses, silk rose brooches, snowflakes. The artwork will be freestanding and the postcards have their own perspex stand. It makes sense in my mind but I haven't seen the hut yet, so who knows. I intend to go along this week to look at the stalls that will be open from Thursday.

(display not finalised yet!) You may notice that some of the items on the right have a different look about them. These have been made by my lovely mum, using a method called 'tatting'. She has given them to me to add to my stock and I think they look beautiful! Especially the red alongside the white.

I have several zip purses that I crocheted absolutely ages ago, but need to line and add zips too. I started doing this yesterday, and as I'm not great at using a sewing machine and it's been some time since I last used it, I had an extremely frustrating morning. I must've sewed the zip to part of the lining only to unpick it about 8 times (not exaggerating). I just couldn't sew in a straight line. The zips are only 10cm long which doesn't give much margin for error.. That's my excuse anyway! In the end, I ended up sewing it all by hand - the zip to the lining, the lining together, the zip & lining to the purse.

I'm so proud of this teeny tiny hand stitching, it took a few hours and probably wasn't great for my eyes after a while. Of course, nobody will ever see this stitching, because it's hidden by the crochet outer! Oh well, should the potential future owner decide to pull the purse apart, they can marvel at my excellent handiwork then haha. NB - you may be wondering why I didn't use thread of the same colour as the zip. The answer - I ran out of blue and black thread. I have ordered some more.

Hope you're well! Do drop a comment below, tell me anything and everything.

Thanks so much for reading,

Lingling xx

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Good job on the teeny tiny stitches Lingling 😊 I’ve been trying to finish some of my wip projects that I started when I was pregnant . My daughter’s blanket needs finishing so weaving in the ends. Hope I can finish all the pending ones soon.

Nov 10, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Preethi! I'm about to indulge in some more teeny tiny stitching, I don't feel brave enough to face more potential sewing machine frustration! Big hug to your daughter; I bet she'll love the blanket

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