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Renewed motivation

Definitely the best thing about participating at Cardiff Christmas Market was the renewed motivation it's given me, towards crochet, creativity and making a few sales. My goal has never, and most likely won't ever be to make lots of money, it's simply to make a few pounds doing something that I enjoy doing. Tutoring continues to be a consistent income source so anything on top of that is a bonus. Cheesy, but true.

This week I've taken advantage of the rejuvenated motivation. I've worked on this long neglected website, and the best thing is I no longer fear it. Making sales in person at the market (I'll try not to bang on about it for time eternal!) has made me feel that as long as I can sell some way, I needn't be scared of the strong possibility of hardly any online sales. I have the confidence that my crochet is liked and appreciated so perhaps it's just a case of making sure it's seen in the right places. I say "just" a case, this is a different and time consuming job in itself, but one I've enjoyed a little more this week.

This week I added all remaining brooches, snowflakes and friendship bracelets to the website. I have numbered them so they make them easier for me to identify! I will be at two events in December and hope I can shift the vast majority of it all then. I have plenty of purses and artwork to sell too, and I will be updating those pages on this website shortly.

Everything in the photo above must go! I am keen to make room for new stock.

Monday 6th Dec - I will be at St Helen's Church, Bishopsgate, London EC3 from 6pm for their Christmas event. There will be time to shop from all the tables there, which I believe will be of goods made by small businesses and independents. There will also be a talk and then time to shop after the talk. I don't know if mulled wine is included - why not come along and find out?!

Sunday 12th Dec - an outside market that's there for the day in Ilford IG1, next to / near Valentines Park. The stalls will contain independent makers and businesses and eco-friendly items and projects. As soon as I have further details on the precise location I shall let you know.

If you are able to come to either event I'd love the support, or if you have a friend in the London / east London area who may be interested in attending, please do forward this blog post to them.

The above is the only crochet I've managed to do all week and it was so good to pick up the hook and Yarn again. You'll notice this yarn has been with me for a long time, mainly because I bought so much of it when it was at a rock bottom price which was promptly increased when the pandemic started (greedy people!). It's still lovely work with and one of my favourite colour yarns. It will one day be a bag!

Thank you for reading. I have also worked a little on my Etsy shop today, but if you're kind enough to be reading this then please know that it's cheaper for you to buy my products here on this website than via Etsy 😉 and Wix charge me less in fees than Etsy do.

Lots of love, Lingling xx

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2 commentaires

Preethi Jaganathan
Preethi Jaganathan
07 déc. 2021

Absolutely ! It's not just about making money but the joy of pursuing things you like ! Keep crocheting and happy selling ! Lots of luck my friend😍

09 déc. 2021
En réponse à

Thank you so much Preethi for your encouraging words! It means a lot to me my lovely friend 💜 ☺️

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