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I can feel my head space returning towards crochet and business, as work stress has died down. Tutoring remains a pleasure, as it always has been, and bit by bit I can feel business and creative ideas coming back to life.

My temp workplace is running a Secret Santa within the team. I bought a gift for the person whose name I drew a short while ago and decided to make a drawstring bag for the gift using my new (and rather neglected!) sewing machine. Yesterday I made a very long 4 strand plait friendship bracelet to use as the drawstring itself.

I'm quite pleased with it 😊 I used thread of a very similar hue to the cotton fabric so you can't really see the stitching, and it didn't take a hugely long time either. It probably took me longer to cut the material, think about what I was doing and become reacquainted with threading the machine than the actual sewing.

I also attended the (online) craft club run during Thursday lunchtimes at my temp job. It was only the 2nd time I'd attended as I've just been too het up in previous weeks to join my crafty colleagues. During this week's session I started crocheting a silver rose with a hint of one of the paler orange silk threads. Earlier this afternoon I finished a cream and orange rose - here they are:

Here's to hopefully more crocheting this week! There will be a December e-newsletter from me too, arriving in your inboxes somewhere between 15th and 24th December.

Until next Sunday,


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