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Romeo, done

Fortunately, my friend who ordered a custom made clutch bag has taken this wonderful picture of it... Ta-dah!

I enjoyed making this a lot. There were a lot of stages to it but the card in between the lining and crochet outer was a good move in terms of the appearance and making it a little sturdier and of a better defined shape.

It's been a while since I'd made a purse using magnetic clasps, and I used the sewing machine to stitch card and lining together. Not sure if it's really best practice but it worked and helped me a lot as it kept lining and card attached to each other as I sewed the lining to the crochet.

If you'd like me to make a clutch bag for you, let me know by dropping an email via the contact section or straight to I'll let you know what coloured yarn I have in stock 😊

Until next Sunday,


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