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Roses and purple mesh

I've found my latest addiction; crochet roses. I stumbled across which has an extensive range of patterns for motifs and lacework (amongst other things). 1 such pattern is for a bouquet consisting of several types of flowers and leaves. I've become hooked (no pun intended) on the rose pattern.

It's pretty isn't it? I'm using thread which is soft and shiny, but catches very easily so the strands fray often. I just finished one, but had trouble weaving in the ends because the tips of each of my fingers have dry patches on them and bits of thread kept getting stuck! I'm not sure what I'll do with the roses yet, I'd be grateful for suggestions.

I've also been working on a purple mesh using filet crochet. Here is a close up:

I have 4 white snowflakes and my ever reliable white beads waiting to be stitched on. I'll do that this week.

So here's the plan: Fridays I'll upload any completed products to this website, available for sale. Sundays I'll add a blog post.

A small selection of my products will also be uploaded onto my Etsy shop, but this website will always be the priority and have any new work.

Hope the week is kind to you, thanks so much for your time 🥗

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