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Roses part 4

Craft corner in progress! The walls of the living room have been plastered and I've been doing the mist coat. Will be painting it this week and carpet gets fitted a week tomorrow - I can't wait!

In between I've been continuing with the granny squares (see previous posts) and gone back to my old favourite, silk roses. I've missed working with silk and the beautiful colours of silk threads I have.

I am on my last spool of the thicker silk thread, the creamy coloured one. I been on a few websites that sell silk but the silk with the thread count and length I'd like is out of stock. I'm also finding out that there is a lot of terminology surrounding silk - filament, spun, single strand, como, boucle - and that these possibly all fall under the realm of "pure silk" but they don't necessarily have the same look or feel. Do let me know if you know the difference between these silks! Maybe they're not all "pure" silk? I have no clue!

Thanks so much for reading. Believe it or not, I aim to send Newsletter 3 around at some point this month to all beloved members of this site. ❤️

Lingling x

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