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Sashay away

I started this clutch bag and realised I probably don't have enough yarn to complete it, so I unravelled another (unfinished) work in progress (WIP) in the same yarn...

Sadly, I still don't think I have enough yarn but I'll see how far it gets me; the dimensions of this clutch may just be a little odd. The last time I checked Hobbycraft's website this yarn wasn't in stock, but I know there many other stockists out there that I should really look up.

Exciting purchase of the week was this book on Dressmaking. I am not in a particular rush to make clothes (the last thing I need right now is clothes) but I've always admired people that can read patterns, cut fabric properly and sew it all together precisely. Besides patterns, there are lots of instruments, info & tips on how to cut and sew properly. I'm looking forward to April 12th when restrictions ease further and fabric & haberdashery shops will reopen.

Finally, I'm taking a break from the blog for a few weeks as guess what? I'm moving house! Crafting will no doubt be on the back burner (as it has been for much of this house-buying process) but one of the reasons why I'm so keen to move is to have more space dedicated to crafting! I really can't wait to have my own corner/space in a room where everything can be organised and displayed rather than kept in bag and boxes. When I return in a few weeks, crocheting and crafts will certainly be the focus I was it to be!

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the Easter weekend and easing of lockdown restrictions, fingers crossed we have good weather 🤞🏻


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