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silk returns

👋 Hello everybody, good to see you, how's your week been?

I'm back at home in the UK now, arrived late last night and got back to my home in the early hours. This last week has seen a few more roses crocheted and assembled, as the silk and other materials needed for them take up little room in my bag so they have been with me everywhere. My Italian is improving, but still very basic, and there have been times where I get the crochet out while others are talking (in Italian). Luckily, nobody seems to mind!

Do the roses look familiar?!

Next on my list .... I need to shift these products. My to-do list for this venture is extensive, but I think I need to find a physical market as soon as possible and get selling. I've got no excuse to not get through my to-do list as, to be on the safe side, I'm self-isolating for at least 7 days. I had a lot of contact with a lot of people whilst in Sicily. Last night's flight must've been 90% full and as good as the intentions to socially distance are, the fact is it's impossible in an airport, in a plane and during boarding and disembarking.

Above: A ring of roses 😋 The sunlight is what's made the colour appear rather different from the photo above it.

It's a short post this week as being on holiday has meant crochet and e-commerce has had to take a backseat. However, this week it's back to business and back to online English tutoring, September and the academic year has returned, I'm excited for it 🤩

I'll leave you with one last pic from Sicily, it's Mt Etna. Thank you so much for reading, remember you are encouraged (by me!) to leave a comment! If you're a member you should be able to do this easily by signing in. Hope to see you soon 😀

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