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Silk snood

I bought some beautiful mulberry silk yarn from bowfiddleyarns recently, and have been working on yet another snood..

The yarn weight is 4ply, and I'm using 2.75mm knitting needles so this'll take a long old time. Each row takes me 10 minutes to knit, and so far I've knitted 113 rows. I *think* this works out at 18 hours 20 mins so far, and it measures at a bit more than 20cm. Ideally it'll be finished this time next week but yeah, it may be an ambitious target.

I'm knitting using moss stitch, and I know where I went wrong with this stitch on my previous orangey snood; the needles were too thick (at all of 3.25mm!) for the 4ply. 2.75mm seems to be the optimal size for 4ply.

It's lovely working with this yarn, it feels soft and has lots of fluff building up on it 😊

Thank you so much for reading,

Lingling xx

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