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Slight disappointment

Have to admit, I'm slightly disappointed with the way the mulberry silk blue snood turned out. No shade towards the yarn at all, I haven't worked with mulberry silk before and it fluffs quite easily, so with all the yarn over / yarn to the back it doesn't look like the smooth & shiny item I was hoping it'd become! It tangles easily and none of this was helped by a big mistake I made in one row which cannot be hidden or ignored 🙈🤦🏻‍♀️ (except in photos haha)

It doesn't look like a brand new item does it? Looks rather worn and old <sigh> what a shame. I'm reasonably pleased with the stitching and I do think the colour is beautiful.

Wanna know how long it took? I'm almost too scared to add up... <some time later> I knitted 315 rows which took approx 3150 minutes, which is 52.5 hours 🤪 the finished snood (before knitting up the ends) was 60.5cm long. It feels lovely and soft, but I definitely need to rethink what to do with the other (gorgeous) mulberry silk yarns I bought... Ideas?

Thank you for reading,


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