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Snowflakes galore

I dug out snowflakes I've crocheted over the years, in embroidery thread that long ran out. The coloured snowflakes in the pic below are the ones crocheted using embroidery thread, and are larger as thicker thread requires a larger hook.

I'm currently blocking them, which means stiffening them with water (other items sometimes require starch) and pinning them onto a board to help the snowflakes keep their shape. Pinning items honestly takes ages, the pic below took between 2-3 hours, and I ran out of pins midway through blocking the black mesh (bottom right)

The black filet mesh - I'm really hoping it's a case of third time lucky. The blue mesh from last week's blog post does fit into the frame, but I decided I didn't like how big the squares were. They were small, but it just didn't look how I imagined it so I crocheted the black mesh using a smaller hook to create smaller squares. It'll have one of the silver snowflakes (seen on the board next to the black) on its front.

I've completed another small canvas with crocheted flowers and leaves on it, but I thought I'd keep it as a surprise for the Christmas Market stall 🎄☺️ (it's not of a christmas tree).

Thanks so much for your valuable time,


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So beautifu!

Oct 11, 2021
Replying to

Thank you my darling 😘

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