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Thank God for mobile apps allowing for blogs to be updated! This last week has seen me start and complete 5 purses, a target I set myself. I am chuffed they're all done.

The next step is to add them to my rather neglected Etsy shop. I don't know why but I get so nervous adding items to Etsy or my website! I feel like it's something I have to psyche myself up for.

I have plenty of ideas for different purses - experimenting with different yarn, colours and linings. I'm half waiting for Regents (love that shop, how it's still open after all these years is beyond me) and half waiting to get through more of the yarn I already have.

The plan for this week - send a final push notification to friends and family promoting this website and my Etsy shop, ask them to spread the word, then see what my Dummies book has to say about advertising and promoting online businesses. 🤞🏼

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