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Still snooding

I was hoping to have snood 2 finished by now, but I've still got some way to go. It's 57cm long, and knitting each centimetre takes me an hour, so 57 hours in total so far! I like to think I'll sell it, but how does one price these things?

Of course, crafters being crafters, it's never enough to have only 1 project on the go, so I started knitting another snood as seen above right. The difference is noticeable; right snood uses 100% cotton DK thread whereas left snood is a blend of merino, alpaca and silk. As right snood yarn is thicker, I'm using 4mm needles, left snood needles are 3.25mm - another reason why it's taking a while to knit up.

Which texture and/or colour do you prefer?

The stitches used for the snoods are different: left hand is moss stitch (that you may remember looks nothing like moss stitch!) and right snood is double moss stitch.

Despite the cotton being soft, the merino/alpaca/silk blend has really spoiled me, so for me the cotton snood doesn't have that luxurious feel to it. It is still lovely to work with, and I do like the subtle colour blend. It reminds me of ice.

Thank you for your time in reading this! Hope to see you soon. I'm still yet to hear from a market I applied to ages ago on whether or not I can have a stall with them...

Love Lingling xx

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