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Structure and habit

Still very much learning. The other day I looked into Google Ads. I had to write the ad before it took me to the payment details page (always the way!), and they gave me 3 budget options. I went for the middle one which was, of course, 'recommended' for me.... it was £10 a day with a maximum of £304 per month. I don't know what I was expecting but £304 per month is definitely out of my price range for the time being! Anyhow, it seemed that Google had to verify my bank account details first, and I was under the impression that my ad wouldn't be live before verification. Part of this verification process involved Google depositing a small amount of cash into said account. Once I'd told them how much, my account would be okayed.

Fast forward to today. I've had lots of hits on the website over the last few days, mainly from India! A 900% increase! 1 person even signed up to be a member! Google also deposited 74p into my bank account! #winning !

...Seems that my ad went live without me noticing or being notified. It's also costing me (cost per click campaign) more than I wish to spend at the moment.... £66 for 300+ clicks. Initially, I thought 'the more clicks the better, as the more chance I'll make a sale' but I read in my Business for Dummies (!) book that the idea with a website isn't to get millions of clicks but to build a solid customer base. I need to be more clever in my research.


Ah my love. I finished the row (?) of small yellow crochet leaves introduced in the last post and decided to sew them onto a black top of mine, as a decoration for the collar. In my dreams I have the idea of people bringing me their clothes that perhaps need a bit of renewal and I can make motifs or edgings to go onto them. But this is a long way away for the time being.

You may think the below purses look rather similar to the purses already available. You're right! But the crocheters among you may be able to detect a slightly different stitch. New colours are on their way!

Finally, I have no clue what I'm doing with the item below. I thought it would look better, but it's quite difficult to see when taken away from the board it's currently blocking on. The Chinese character says 'love' ! I'm wondering if it'll look better with a border around it, but for now, it'll stay where it is! I do really like the colour of the mesh background, the thread used was pictured in the last blog post, from ebay and still in its box.

Thank you for reading, please do leave me a comment even if just to say 'hi'. Hope you're keeping well. See you next Sunday. Ling x

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