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the sewing machine has arrived!

Honestly, it's better than Christmas! The real-life Father Christmas, aka my lovely friend Ms Fahiza, (Ms is her first name) dropped off her unused-for-several-years Brother LS14 sewing machine, fully packaged and in working order. On Friday night (after Ms F had dropped it off) I was staring at it in amazement, pulling this, that, twisting this, that and saying 'ooh I remember this from textiles!' It's far nicer than the sewing machines we used in textiles (in year 8. Although I did textiles for GCSE and don't think I used a sewing machine once for the entire 2 years). I remember my teacher then (Miss Smith) showing us how to thread the machines like a 'backwards N'. With this Brother machine (now mine!) the picture instructions are very clear and threading it was straightforward.

Isn't she lovely?! 🥰

Yesterday I practiced on a bit of plain (and rather old) cloth. I say practiced, essentially I was testing out how to work the thing, doing several straight stitches for which this machine has several options. Even flicking on the switch and seeing the little light come on above the needle was so exciting!

Just now, (it took probably around 45 mins 🤯) I did this:

Do you love the wonky stitching as much as I do?! And the fact that I've used white thread and not red or something that'd blend into mask a bit better?! Well, here we go, my first machine-sewed facemask 😊 I'm pleased with it, it functions and didn't go terribly wrong. The llama fabric came with the kit I bought from Hobbycraft some weeks ago; it's not usually the style I'd go for, even though I know llamas are popular. The other fabric that came in that kit has unicorns on it, so that'll probably be my next test run.

On Thursday, at my "working from home" workplace I joined the 'Craft, Chat, Chill' club for half an hour at lunchtime. I really loved it. There were 6 of us, on Teams, sitting in front of our laptops and working on something or another whilst chatting. It was the first time I'd crocheted all week and I was glad to have a specific time allocated to it as I love crocheting and had been missing it. I got back into the flower habit after that club (and after finishing work, of course!) and here are the flowers from the last few days:

Not taken during 'daylight' hours so they may look a little less pretty than usual. If you can correctly guess which flower has entirely silk petals you can have it 😀

Thanks so much for reading. Until next Sunday,


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