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Two more done

Finally...I have sewed up the two pieces of fabric I finished knitting recently and now have two more snoods! You may remember that the very first one (knitted in the same peachy colour below) is one that I've kept for myself. In an ideal world, I'd (try to) sell these two but I have no clue how to price them... they took a very long time to complete, between 75-80 hours each. What do you think would be a fair price? Or fair price for me, fair price for customer?

Above: time to sew these up! With the one on the left, I twisted it before sewing up the ends, mainly because it made it easier to stitch that way.

Below: thanks to my lovely and willing volunteer model.

The knitting phase isn't over yet; plus knitting these snoods is letting me practice all these stitch patterns (I use the DK "A Little Course in Knitting" book) that I've browsed through over the years but never had the determination to see through to the end. Snoods (and I guess scarves and blankets too although those would take much longer) are good also because no other skill is required i.e. no sewing in a lining, no shaping, no applique or embellishments. Just knitting and hand-stitching the ends together. Below are the two projects I have on the go at the moment, both in different stitches to the ones above (which also use different stitches from each other).

Which colour do you prefer? The stitch on the pink one is called 'honeycomb' and isn't as pronounced as the 'travelling rib' behind it, but this may be because its in 4ply whereas the ribbed one is DK yarn (slightly thicker than 4ply).

Please lmk price-wise what you think about the above completed snoods!

Thanks so much for reading,


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