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Underlay stitching

Not two words that go together too often, right? The move has resulted in new carpets and underlay and there is plenty of both leftover. I've heard that they can sometimes be donated to animal shelters but this is another thing I haven't got round to doing. The leftover underlay in particular seemed like a waste (we have paid for it, after all) so I decided to stitch some of the larger leftover pieces together.

I initially thought there'd be enough to cover the carpeted part of the kitchen (as in, remove the current carpet and underlay, put the new stitched together underlay down, new carpet on top) but there isn't. No problem - the other week we discovered we have an attic! Very handy for putting all manner of junk up there! The monster stitched together underlay has gone to the attic for now.

Do you like the stitching?!

This week I've been very happy to crochet some snowflakes, feels like it's been a while. My dressing table has arrived and I thought some crochet snowflakes would make for pretty and practical coasters. I'd forgotten how small they come up when worked with traditional crochet thread, so I sewed a few together. I even blocked them before sewing (first time using the proper blocking board I bought 2 months ago).

Above: after blocking, before sewing together.

The snowflake coaster in its new home 🏡 I hope to keep this corner of my dressing table free from clutter at least!

Thank you so much for reading, if indeed, you still are (R. Ayoade on Crystal Maze; I can't take credit for it!)

Have a fab week and see you next Sunday,

Lingling xx

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